What is an easy outfit to wear when you don’t have the full day planned out?

Crop tops have been everywhere the past season. According to Vogue, crop tops are here to stay. You can get a variety of crop tops at an affordable price from H&M or Forever 21. If you’re comfortable with showing a little skin, crop top is a trend to adopt!

I had decided to go for a simple but modern look by having an all-black outfit. I wore this for a Sunday brunch buffet at Panda Inn in Pasadena, California. Panda Inn is a good place if you’re looking for Szechuan food that offers all you can eat as well as all you can drink. The reason why I wore this outfit was due to the versatility of it. Do you have days where you can’t decide on what to wear because you don’t know what you were going to do? Well, I was having that kind of day. I was not sure what my Sunday plan were so having the ability to dress it up and down without much effort was good.

To create a more casual look, you can pair this outfit with a short denim jacket. Besides, you can dress the outfit up by accessorizing it with a metallic necklace or blazer.

Chloe Xu FashionChloe Xu Panda Inn Chloe Xu Crop top

Here some of my outfit’s inspirations:

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 2.25.51 AM   Miranda Kerr, crop top fashion   Gigi Hadid, crop top

Photo credit: Oliver Sugiono


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